Top 10 Running Backs in Madden 21

This article will discuss the top running backs in Madden 21 that are either currently on NFL rosters or have recently been drafted into the NFL. Some of these players have not even played an official snap at the moment, but because of their future potential impact to Madden, they are included on this list. Since there are many qualified candidates for this list, separating them into tiers is necessary for discussion purposes.

The only statistics used to narrow the list down will be the ones that are commonly included in Madden game-play: Rushing Yards, Rushing TDs, Receptions, Fumbles Lost & Stuffs. These categories collectively represent both the present and future power of each player on this list. For players that have been recently drafted, their pre-draft combine statistics were used to determine their current abilities.

Ranking The Top 10 Running Backs in Madden 21:

Tier 1: Elite Franchise Players (All Pros/HOF Candidates)

LeSean McCoy (Philadelphia Eagles) – LeSean McCoy is a dominant running back who has led the league in rushing yards for multiple years. Shady has been a premier Madden rusher since Madden 12 and was one of the most dominant players in MUT as well during that time period. McCoy is very quick with great acceleration, agility and trucking. His burst speed will likely be downgraded in Madden 21 to make him more realistic but he will still be among the top 3 fastest players in MUT. McCoy also has great catching ability and pass blocking which makes him a good fit for any offense in Madden 21. Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings) – Adrian Peterson is widely considered to be the most dominant running back in the NFL today, by both his peers and fans alike. In fact, many consider him to be the best pure rusher in Madden NFL history. While his Madden speed & agility ratings will likely take a hit, AP’s strength will continue to make him one of the toughest backs to bring down in the open field. The Vikings’ star back is nearly impossible to dump-off because it takes more than one defender to get him down one-on-one. His trucking will be tough to stop as well with his 93 strength rating, which will make even the most elite tacklers in Madden 21 struggle to take him down on some plays. Arian Foster (Houston Texans) – The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Arian Foster is his durability. He has not missed a game in his NFL career and has carried the load for the Texans’ offensive attack ever since he took over as their starter. Arian is an all-around back that can do everything well but nothing great, which is why he falls short of Tier 1. Despite only having average speed, Foster has good acceleration and agility to be elusive in the open field. He has good trucking ability, which is a rarity among all backs in Madden 21, but he also possesses great pass blocking and catching to go along with it. Matt Forte (Chicago Bears) – Matt Forte is an electric performer who can be a key cog for any team in Madden NFL 11. Unfortunately for fans of the Bears, Jay Cutler is no longer with Chicago which means Forte will most likely have to take a pay cut or be released in the offseason. He has led his team in receptions for multiple years and can be elusive in space with good acceleration & agility, especially when he has the ball in his hands. Forte’s 92 overall rating makes him an elite player in Madden NFL 21 and he can be a top 5 back if paired with the right offensive line.

Tier 2: Star Running Backs (Potential All Pros) Jamaal Charles (Kansas City Chiefs) – Jamaal Charles experienced his first injury free season since 2010 and it showed, as the “Cheetah” was the best rusher in football this past season.

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